Sunday, May 15, 2011

Homemade Pizza

Before making this recipe, the last time I made a homemade pizza/crust was in my 8th grade Foods/Home-Ec class!  The pizza was cooked on a pizza stone, and I remember thinking to myself that it was the best pizza ever and I was going to make this all the time from then on...  I didn't.  Because we didn't have a pizza stone!

Well let me tell you that I was SO happy when I got a pizza stone as one of my bridal shower gifts!  It was one of the first things I planned on making in our new little house as a newlywed couple, but for some reason I kept putting it off, even though I already had bought the ingredients!

This was after the first time taking the pizza out and finding it to still be doughy

 I finally found the right night to bust out the pizza stone... and I did not regret it!  Our pizza was very large and barely fit on the pre-heated stone.  Word to the wise: BUY and USE cornmeal on your pizza peel if you have one and are going to use it.  I didn't have any so I assumed flour would be fine.  HA the pizza wouldn't slide off the peel onto the stone at all! So with the help of Forrest, we had to carefully lift it/slide it onto the peel... it was a difficult process that could have been completely avoided!  ALSO.... I cooked the pizza too long.  The stone makes the crust very crispy and awesome but after the first time taking it out I found it to still be a bit doughy in the middle, so I put it back in the oven... for a tad too long!  The crust was a little too hard for our liking, but that was just my own fault and lack of accurate judgment.  

SO... moral of the story is- 1. Make this pizza! It's incredibly easy, fun and so versatile because you can add whatever toppings you like.  2.  USE cornmeal on your pizza peel!  And 3. Adhere to the correct baking times listed on the recipe! And if you think it is still doughy, then pop it back in the oven for short time periods (like 3 minutes or so) not 8 minutes like me ha!

This was after taking it out the final time... as you can see the top got a little scorched, and as you cannot see, the crust is even more scorched.  But it was STILL delicious!

Homemade Pizza Crust
 from my friend Gina Peterson

1 1/2 c. water
1 Tb. yeast
1 1/2 Tb. sugar
3/4 tsp. salt
3 1/2 c. flour

Preheat your pizza stone in a 500 degree oven. Combine ingredients in order.  Mix in Bosch or Kitchen Aid or knead (this is what I did) for 10 minutes.  Let stand for 20 minutes.  Pinch off and divide into 3 balls (or just make one very large pizza) and roll out into a circle.  Place cornmeal onto your pizza paddle or flat pan.  Roll your dough into a circle and place dough on top of paddle or flat pan, making sure it wiggles when you shake it.  Poke holes in the crust, then spread tomato sauce on top of dough, cheese on next and top with pepperoni, meats, vegetables and/or any other toppings you would like.  When oven is ready, slide pizza on top of hot stone and cook for about 7-10 minutes (for my oven, I think 12 would have been perfect) until it is hot and bubbly.  Enjoy!

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