About Me

Hello! I'm Kylie.  

First things first, I absolutely love food.  Die-hard "foodie" here.  I could literally spend all day either a) scouring through cookbooks, magazines, and the Internet for new recipes to try or b) in the kitchen concocting new things. Good thing I actually do have a life and do not embarrassingly spend my entire day thinking about food.  Okay only most of the day.  Okay just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway, my intense love of food started at a very young age and inspired me to earnestly help my mother with dinner and baking. Many of my fondest memories often involve food of some sort.. Is that sad? Possibly. In college, I regularly cooked dinner for myself and honestly I was a little embarrassed by it, so I tried to cook when my roommates weren't around! However, I am no longer ashamed of my cooking and I will proudly make delicioso (is that a word?) food for my friends and family until the day I die. Though I mostly just cook for my hubby. He loves it, although I'm pretty sure he takes it for granted. ;) We've been married for 2 years now!

I graduated in 2012 from Arizona State University with a degree in Dietetics (it's a Nutrition major).  I am not a dietitian, however.  As of yet!  I gave birth to my sweet baby girl a month after graduating and this has prevented me from pursuing a dietetic internship.  That was my choice, however.  I absolutely WANT to be a stay-at-home mom and I love it! Perhaps someday I will get a job in the nutrition field, but as for now I feel like I have a really good nutrition knowledge and I love to make healthy, delicious meals for my family.
 I won't lie, sometimes I feel a tad nerdy- and as others may call it, "domestic."  But let me tell you something.  This is the 21st century.  Although I AM a wife to an adorable husband, and I absolutely love to cook for him and our families when I can, I DO not like the association between a cooking girl and "wifey."  Of course the two go hand in hand, but I cook for another reason as well- because I love it and I love food and I love trying new recipes and I love nutrition.  And that's that!

And again, about nutrition,  I think my love of it stemmed from the fact that simply, I just love to eat.  Let me tell you, I'm no picky eater, and I can, and will, eat a lot.  But coupled with the fact that I was a cheerleader for 10 years (yes, it is a sport) and that it demands a healthy, fit body, I became interested in healthy eating a few years back and now I can't imagine ever going a day without thinking about the nutrition of the food I am putting into my body. In fact, did you know that 65% of all deaths are from causes affected by the diet?  The risk of getting diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke and other diseases can be greatly decreased by making healthy changes in YOUR diet. View my FOOD PHILOSOPHY here.

So, there you have it.  I love cooking, and I love nutrition.  Seems natural that I would put the two together, right? Well that's where this blog comes in.  I know it's very likely that not many will even read this; that's why this blog is also for ME.  It is a way for me to collectively post my thoughts on nutrition, as well as post recipes (some healthy, some not- it's all about moderation!) so that I have a personal online database of all those things. And I know that the photography is not at all ideal on here.  So what. I'm not expecting this blog to become famous or anything.  It's just my own simple photography.  Maybe someday when my hubby graduates from dental school and we can afford a nice camera, I will post some nice foodie pics on here :)

So feel welcome to look around, leave comments, try the recipes, or just come and go! I love to hear feedback and any advice or tips.  Thanks :)

"I believe life should be lived to the fullest capacity; that each and every person on this earth should strive to follow their dreams, goals, and aspirations.  You climb a mountain after only a single step; a simple dream can ignite an unscaled passion. " 

Other random facts...
  • I'm an Arizona girl.
  • I loooooove chocolate. Especially Dove's dark chocolate. Gimme. I can't say no.
  • I'm a stay-at-home mom and a piano teacher to some pretty great kids
  • In fact, other than food, music makes me the very happy!
  • I love thunderstorms. The scarier the storm, the better.
  • Obsessed with cats.  My husband hates them. I want to cry.
  • Was a cheerleader for 10 years. Not sure if I can still do flips but I wanna try soon.
  • Pinterest is my guilty pleasure and total weakness.
  • I wish I had more time to read because it's another one of my favorites that usually gets pushed aside.
  • I look up anything and everything on Google. iPhone are so handy when you need to know how to do.... anything.
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