Thursday, March 31, 2011


NO; I did not fall off the face of the earth.  NO; I did not quit blogging.  NO; I did not stop cooking or baking.

Then what WAS I doing the past 4 months? Holy smokes... 4 months.. that's longer that I thought it was.  Well, you see:
I was a bride!!! 

Shortly after my last post, my now husband proposed to me when I was visiting him and my family in Mesa, AZ for Thanksgiving.  Immediately following, wedding plans were in full force.  In order for our March wedding date to happen, we needed to act quickly- in my mind, it seems like there were a million things to decide.
 I moved back to Mesa, my hometown, for good just before Christmas.  Since then, it has been a whirlwind of appointments, photo shoots, invitation addressing, living arrangement searching, and just about every other decision to be made for a wedding.

 The most amazing wedding at that.  Our date was March 10th and it could not have been more blissful.  I am married to the most wonderful, amazing man- he is perfect for me. 

 I do not regret our short engagement one bit... we are now happily married and living in Mesa, AZ (both of our hometowns), just 15 minutes from both of our families.  We love our new home and our new life.

SO.  That is the explanation for my absence of blogging.  I know, I know. The DRASTIC effects that have occurred on so many of you.... it makes my heart break.

HA.  I am well aware that although I may have few readers, I am re-starting this blog simply as a way to post my adventures in the kitchen- now I really have a motivation to cook and bake- I have a cute little husband who depends on my cooking!!  So, why not blog about it as well?? :)  That way I can have an online resource, if just for me, of all my recipes and experiences. 

My lovely new kitchen!!!!! Well, at least a part of it.  The most important part, though.  Duh.  I have already taken my new kitchen by storm and I'm so excited to share these fun recipes with you lucky ducks!

Food, cooking, and nutrition will always be a major part of my life.  Just so you know.

I will see you soon with an amazing recipe for..... BANANA BREAD.  Coming soon...

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Forrest + Kim Flesch

No freaking way. This really is a small world. I was just on The Girl Who Ate Everything (LOVE!) and I saw her PB&J cupcake post. I read the comments (which I NEVER do), and I was like wait a minute... how many "Kylie Ryann"s are there in the world? ONE! ;) I love that you two got married... this post makes me sooo happy! Congrats Kylie! See, Forrests really are the best :)

Kylie Ryann

Kim! Ah oh my gosh that is hilarious I can't believe it! So good to hear from you!! I love that blog too... do you have a blog?! I hope you are doing so well! Yes Forrests are definitely winners!

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